Buying SIS in USA - order direct for decent pricing?

Quick one since this forum is populated mostly by Americans:
Is pricing reasonably competitive if I order direct from SIS for their products? And is shipping lead time reasonable?

It’s usually between them and Wiggle here in the UK depending which offers are on and what I’m buying. I’m about to go to California to visit my mother for Christmas and want to have some powder and gels sent there rather than bringing with me in luggage. So I don’t mind if it’s not the BEST BEST price, just want to see if direct ordering is reasonably efficient.


(Been meaning to start my own mixes for a while now, but that’s very much a post-holiday activity at this point!)

Just ordered from SiS today. I got some items that were on sale saving 10% on Beta Fuel gels and 50% on Nitrate powder, plus GEL30 code gets you a free 30 pack of gels!! I live in Utah, USA and typically see the delivery in less than a week.

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I only use their hydration tablets, so can’t speak to the other products, but I find them to be hit or miss compared to Amazon pricing. I don’t have a clue what drives it, but sometimes some flavors are $1-2 per tube cheaper on AMZ, with free prime shipping. Others are the same price as SIS direct, but they charge for shipping (though it’s not crazy). Then sometimes SIS has a sale and they are cheaper, even with shipping.

I recommend you check Amazon, and compare to direct before ordering from either. Either way, the differences aren’t huge.


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I’d use The Feed.

Amazon always has good prices. Until Amazon can certify the items I’m buying I won’t buy anything that I will consume or put on my body. No guarantees it’s real.

Knockoff T-shirt fine. Knockoff gels, lotions and potions not so fine. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks all. Thefeed is a particularly good site which I never would have found - unfortunately they’re out of chocolate recovery powder, which is the one product where I’m really picky about flavours etc.

I also didn’t know that SiS don’t sell their non-electrolyte ‘GO’ powder to the US market (I find they over-salt the electrolyte one for my taste so I prefer to dose it myself).

Ended up on Amazon so I could do ReGo and a variety pack of gels along with a new brand for drink mix - took a punt on Tailwind as I’ve heard good things (was between that and Skratch, but Tailwind came in a more appropriate quantity for the length of my trip).

I definitely need to go trawl through the make-your-own thread once I get back - this is getting way too expensive!

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I have ordered SIS direct and their shipping is really fast. It seems they have a warehouse in the Chicago area and I live “downstate” so that might be part of it. My last order was placed on Oct. 7th and delivered via FedEx on Oct. 8th.

I do shop between SIS, Amazon, and The Feed for the best price because sale prices can vary between the sites.

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I always found SIS website to be competitive, especially during the sale events with 30% to 50% off on items. you could always pick up some selected gel flavors for about $30-35 for a case of 30 and ReGO big tub for about the same.
Now that SIS has officially closed their direct distribution in USA as of mid February 2023 and they’ve moved all of their sales to TheFeed, the deals are gone :frowning:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a another brand that has similar gel consistency as SIS? I’m looking for something equally liquid and not hard such as GU or Cliff Shot.

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No personal experience but it looks like Never Second has a gel that is specifically not thick and can be taken without water. It’s a bit odd but I can’t tell how many you get if you order it. It’s $42 and it doesn’t say how many you get. They do offer a sample pack that is two gels, two drink mixes and a bottle for $16 so maybe that would be a good way to go?

The Cycling Podcast is sponsored by SiS and has a 25% discount code - SISCP25

That $42 gets you a box of TWELVE. I’ve wanted to try the Neversecond stuff but that price is insane.


It’s a real bummer that SiS doesn’t direct sell to the US any more. Now that the only game in town is The Feed (and Amazon which is just a sell-through for them), there are no more deals. Full retail all the way. Too bad because I really liked their gels for the consistency.

The Feed runs a lot of sales. They just had SIS gels on special. Not as good as it used to be, but with careful timing, it’s not full retail.

Agree - they seem to have a good sale at least every quarter plus it’s pretty easy to get a “sponsorship” credit (strava challenges, etc.) of $15 per quarter that helps.

The sales are ok but nowhere near the 50% off I was getting with the direct sales. Won’t be buying anymore for a while unfortunately.

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Same. There were some SiS deals with 40% off whole order AND they threw in a variety pack box of gels plus a cylinder of electrolyte tabs. The Feed now has a monopoly on SiS and, no surprise, those deals are gone. At least if you order through Amazon, you get Prime free shipping without a minimum order.

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Join USA cycling, get the $60 store credit to The Feed, use it to buy SiS.

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Ahhhh. I was wondering why I couldn’t find the Rapid Rego for a decent price and it was out of stock on Amazon. U. Er.

I just placed an order at The Feed to get SiS. Did not get charge Cali sales tax. Not sure how long that will last but there it is.


Try Strykr similar to SIS Glucose/Fructose drink,Bars and Veloforte Bars and Protein powders and Gels sweets.

They are also apparently making it difficult for LBSs to get stock. I try to buy everything from my local shop.