Science in Sport at The Feed

So I was looking to restock my dwindling Rego stock recently and discovered SIS is not selling directly to the US market anymore. They were spoiling me with their rather occasional 30% off sales of Rego. I would use them to stock up for the long haul. Anyone know if we can expect similar sales with The Feed? Haven’t really used them much in the past but I’m not optimistic. When there is only one source of a product, the price will typically remain fixed or rise unfortunately. Definitely no sale going on now.

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The prices can be high but they do offer deals, a subscription with a discount, store credits on your next order and sometimes if you leave something in your cart they will send you a little discount for it.

I like the beta fuel chew things and picked up a box not that long ago and am looking forward to eating them on long outdoor rides now that the weather is nice.

My general advice for The Feed is to cross shop which is most likely no longer an option for SiS stuff.

I switched from SIS gels to fuelling through my bottle for cost reasons. I now only use them to top up or for oh sh*t moments. 1 SIS gel is 22g Maltodextrin + water. That’s ~10c retail. You could have 3 SIS gels in a bottle for 30 odd cents.

I’ve now upped my game to the superior home made Maurten drink mix- which is about $3.50 a serve. 80g of table sugar. 1/2 teaspoon of table salt and a healthy splash of lemon juice. Costs about 20c is a 1:1 glucose to fructose mix and tastes better. It’s also the equivalent of almost 4 SIS gels or about $7.


There are a lot of lower cost options for fueling efficiently on the bike. There are a number of other threads on this but one of the cheapest options for a gel substitute is maple syrup. A 34oz jug at Costco is under $12 at the moment. You can put it into a small flask and use similar to gels.

The cost of gels has been climbing. NeverSecond is now $3.50 a gel which honestly is flat out ridiculous. It’s laughable seeing @AlexWild post that he’s heading out for a training ride with plans to consume 25 NeverSecond gels plus Skratch etc. Total bill close to $100 for a training ride. As a sponsored athlete he doesn’t need to worry about the cost but not many amateurs can afford that, especially for training.

Hopefully we will see an enterprising company come in an undercut the current market. SIS tried when they had VC funding, but ultimately it seems they couldn’t make it work, so now exclusive to The Feed and double the price.

@brendanhousler has a recent Podcast talking about his fueling strategy. He rides MEGA miles, so has a ton of experience with fueling long hard efforts.