Buying a lactate meter

Hr can decouple for various reasons, so don’t let that be your only giude. You should buy the lactate meter if you are interested in either staying under, or riding specifically at it as a target. There are many different ways that are close, but don’t always paint the whole picture.

I did a ride today, 3h under lt1. Hr avg 109, IF .61 but there was still 6% decoupling. It was my first ride of that length for the season, but i thought i felt pretty good.



real or vaporware?

anyone know the underlying technology here?

Do not know their specific IP, but the general idea is not terrible but harder than it appears to make robust.

Issue with a start-up or crown funded are the obvious: the product may never come to market. If it does, then it might not be supported for a long period. First versions often have problems and alpha testers get a substandard product. Etc. I wouldn’t spend on it unless I didn’t mind being an alpha tester and seeing my investment end up abandoned.

I find point of care testing and wearable tech to be fascinating. Both in terms of how much promise there is and how hard it is to make it work well in some applications. Along with a price point that works for consumers.

TL;DR - Should be achievable to monitor lactate with micro needle approach. I’d wait for a well functioning product before jumping in though as this space is littered with starts and fails.

Two - Pence as they say!


@Power13 – You mentioned BPM in a different thread. Are these other types of devices in your current wheelhouse?

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Current,y, no…there are a number of things we are looking at, but between patents and regularity issues, finding a clear path to market can be a challenge. We’ll see where things pan out….