Busy schedule training, help with time management

I know I can’t be the only one struggling to squeeze in time for a workout so how would you suggest I do it. Current schedule doesn’t allow for much outdoor riding so ive got to put it in on the trainer. Suggestions welcome as well as what type of training plan should I be on when I pretty much race year round?
Bio: Father of 4, full time HVAC mechanic for government, also own HVAC company on the side, xc racer cat 2ish. South Alabama resident so racing is pretty much year round from xco to xcm
Current typical week:
-Mon, Tues, Thurs 6am-5pm full time 6pm-8pm football coaching
-Wend and Fri 6am-5pm full time job 5pm till 8-9pm part time company work.
-Sat and Sun usually free.

I have no idea how you’re managing to be a cat2ish racer with that schedule, so whatever you’re already doing is clearly working!

Does 6am - 5pm include your commute to and from work? And can that commute be done by bike?

Yes 6am-5pm includes commute which is 40min by car and highway can’t be done by bike because it’s 90% highway to work and back

Father of 3 little ones here. For me, early morning training has been my key to consistent training. I’m in bed by 9pm or so and up around 4:10am (riding by 4:30am) 5-6 days a week. I’m done with rides by 6am on weekdays and 6:30am on weekends. I’m currently able to squeeze in up to 10 hours/week with this approach (90 min rides during the week and 2 hour rides on weekends–w/one rest day per week). All of my riding is on my indoor trainer at this point. The initial transition to early mornings wasn’t easy, but at this point, I’m used to it.

Not sure if this helps, but wanted to let you know what’s working for me as a fellow parent with limited time to train during the day/evening.


What are you doing when you wake up that early to get ready to ride? Cup of coffee , any ride nutrition or just jumping out of bed and hopping on the trainer?

I take an SIS Espresso (Double caffeine) gel before ride and then Tailwind (w/caffeine) drink during ride.

Thanks for the recommendation got up at 430 this morning and knocked it out. wasn’t as bad as I thought may be able to swap to the mid volume plan now.

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There was a study (or bio, or podcast… can’t remember) done awhile ago on a lot of the top executive giants of industry that showed they all had similarities when it came to doing things that were for them…

They all did the things they had personal interest in early in the morning. Early morning is generally the only time you get ‘you’ time as we bear more responsibilities. It kinda sucks at first but you get used to it. Doing things like prepping your clothes, pre-workout drinks, air in tires, etc can all be done the night before to expedite your crunched time schedule.

Good luck!


That’s great! Glad to hear it worked for you today.

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