Building my own Plan

So I have no plans for races et al and my goal is simply to get fit, lose weight (obese at present) and keep increasing my FTP. Thus far it has been Sweetspot Base Medium 1’s but I find this a little ‘easy’ on volume (I am technically retired and will soon turn 60 so have all the time in the world) and have been augmented with lots of Zwift rides (which are probably junk miles and not really helping me). Next block I intend to increase to Sweetspot Base Medium 2 then the next block after that will be Sweetspot High 1 then SweetSpot High 2 and then Sustained Build High before my next FTP Test milestone (yes I have programmed FTP tests at each block change but my FTP Milestones are Goal gates.

Is this a reasonable progression or too ‘steep’

If you’re not time limited, you could always do Traditional Base.

If that’s a non-starter, I would at least do base-build cycles rather than just upping the base volume.

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Had a look at traditional base but those individual sessions are too long on the bike. Although I have done 2 and 2.5hr rides, I’d prefer to do rides under 2 hrs at a time (even if I have to stack a morning and afternoon ride into the same day.).
OK, I will redo the plan with base build cycles.