Plan builder for Zwift/ZRL racing

Hello all!

I’m a time-crunched father of 3 young kids who started riding again this year after about 4 years off with said new kids and some illnesses in the family. I don’t have much time, so I started racing on Zwift this fall as part of the Zwift Racing League (ZRL). I started using TR at about the same time, but have just been using TrainNow up until this point, doing a standard 3 wk/1wk build rest cycle. I to give the plan builder a try, but I’m not sure what to choose as the event type for my races.

They’re typically between 45-75min, with super hard starts, and 60 sec power being typically being pretty critical for the selections, although having solid 5min power is pretty handy as well. Do I classify the races as criteriums? Or maybe something from Off Road, like short track?

I have a fairly solid FTP at 4.3w/kg, but I’m a pretty aerobic creature, where my power curve falls off a cliff below 10 min efforts.

Thanks for any feedback you may have.



sounds like a crit :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That’s what I was leaning towards. I can always try setting it to short track for my next build and see how that goes too