To change plan or not?

I’m currently coming to the end of SSBII (mid volume), and about to transition into build. Ultimately I was gearing up for the Tour of Flanders (early April).

Now I would be tremendously surprised if this actually goes ahead, so with that in mind, I’m contemplating re-jigging my training plan. I have no alternate events in mind, as at this stage, it seems much more sensible to wait and see how the vaccine rollout across Europe brings the pandemic under control (or not).

I’d add that I’m enjoying the sessions and making good progress.

So assuming I’m just looking to become generally ‘stronger’ (currently sitting at just under 4w/kg, VO2 a strength, long threshold intervals a weakness), where would people go from here?

On a side note, I’m also considering investing in some smart rollers (Elite), as I’ve noticed that my core has weakened and my pedalling stroke lacks a little fluidity after doing most of my ‘hard’ work on the trainer. Any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

Thanks for the input.

Sustained power build seems like a good bet on the plan side. And even if you don’t get rollers, 10 minutes of core work a few times a week would not go amiss. My January goal has been 10 minutes of core every day and it has already made a difference when holding aero on my TT bike.

I am working towards an event in the end of June and just finished SSBMV2. Plan builder will take me into Build, then SSBMV1 and then specialty. Without specific goal I would just cycle build and base.

Build slightly overloads you and typically specialty would reduce fatigue before the event. If there is no event you can also go back to base, which should help you shed some fatigue. This would also help with the longer intervals.