Bug Report- Inside to Outside description change

I’m currently in Short Power Build LV and have Whiteface tomorrow. The weather looks favorable so I thought I’d do this one outside and here’s where it gets wierd. After selecting Whiteface and selecting Outside the description and details change to North Gardner, a longer workout with higher tss (1:15 to 1:30min & 95 to 115tss). I’m kind of scared to push this to my head unit because I’m not sure what I’ll get.

  1. Is this a known bug?
  2. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
  3. Should I try pushing to Garmin and seeing what happens?

BTW, I am using Chrome OS as my main computer. Indoor workouts are done via the iOS app. Garmin Edge 520 head unit.

Hey @bentspokedave,

When converting indoor interval workouts into outdoor workouts, we round up into 30-minute buckets. What that means is that a 1:15 workout rounds to 1:30, a 1:45 rounds to 2:00 etc. This allows some additional time for you to find a good stretch of road to train on, and makes it a bit easier for us to properly structure your outdoor workout.

You mentioned that the TSS is slightly higher, but not all TSS is the same. There is a little extra time and TSS, but the effort is a bit less consistent and structured when outdoors, so the effect on your body is comparable.

Nope, this is the normal behavior :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Give it a shot and let us know how you get on with your outside workout :+1: