Outside workout error: Woodrow on Wahoo

AT has now served me Woodrow for two Sundays in a row - I’ve done it outside both times and I’m pretty sure there’s an erroneous extra interval right after the warmup. It’s not there on the indoor version of the workout and it’s not part of the text description for the outdoor version so I don’t think it belongs. It’s 5 minutes at ~105% immediately before the first 12min SS interval. The total workout is 1h38m as well so I suspect there’s probably also an extra 3 mins on either the warmup or the cool-down.

I saw it on wahoo bolt v1 but maybe others can confirm if it’s there on other platforms too? And can staff confirm/fix? Cheers!

It’s best to email support@trainerroad.com directly.

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Thanks Chad, will do.

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