Broken fibula recovery and new to trainerroad

So unfortunately 2020 finally got me. I broke my fibula mid-Dec and had surgery to add some hardware just before New Years. So here I am recovering from the procedure by resting and icing. Good times. I’ve been meaning to get into using a trainer as most of my buddies use them. So I took the leap and bought one. Now I’m trying to figure out and navigate the options for training. I don’t know my baseline numbers and certainly don’t want to over do it when I get cleared to start spinning at the end of the month. Dr said some light spinning will be good but definitely nothing out of the seat. But I’m realy not sure how to best approach this new experience in riding. Are there TR workouts tailored to injury recovery or coaches/physios associated with TR that can recommend a plan? I will definitely ask my physical therapist for guidance once that starts, but trying to get prepared for this ahead of time. Thanks in advance.

Trainerroad has active recovery and endurance workouts that are steady with little to no ramp ups. You can change the intensity to match the effort your physical therapist prescribes. I wouldn’t suggest doing a ramp test, but you can manually set your ftp to like 100 and work from there.