Mixing Training, volume and recovery

Hello! Im new to trainerroad, my first ramp test gives me 200ftp, my goal is empower my endurance a bit to last longer on long mtb enduro stages.
I choose to begin with “base phase, low volume” training plan, that gives me one or two days per week for a downhill/enduro training, or a technical ride in general. now its time for the last recovery week and i feel good, its better to keep the volume low with a short/easy ride or no ride at all except trainerroad one’s?
someone has similar planning issues?

I tent to skip the recovery rides on trainerroad, I can’t hack the boredom, I normally just go out for a ride and as long as you feel good you can just about do what you want, just keep in mind that you’ve got an FTP test coming up at the start of next week. Of course you can just do the rides on trainerroad and you’ll be ready of the FTP test and then the increase in TSS that comes with the next block of training. But if you are feeling good no harm will come if you head outside.

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