Bridging the gap from Olympic to 70.3

Hello All,

Firstly I apologise, I’m sure this has been done to death but I cannot find anything specific.
My A race of the the year was the London Olympic distance triathlon which I completed last week in 2:19. A good result for me (3rd triathlon I have taken part in). I have taken a week off and now my focus is on my next challenge of completing a 70.3 in Cascais, Portugal in 8 weeks time. My goal is to complete this event in the fastest time possible.
My question is what low volume triathlon plan to follow to make up the remaining 8 weeks to this event. Base, build or speciality.

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Congratulations on a fantastic time!

You already have a solid base, so 70.3 base is probably not ideal. The 70.3 specialty plan kicks off with a lot of volume right off the bat, more than the Oly specialty plan ends with, so it might be a hard transition. I think I’d lean toward doing the 70.3 build plan, but with the last 1-2 weeks from the 70.3 specialty phase as a taper.

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Do the entire Specialty. Probably no need to explain why, but I will: if you want to do whatever you need to finish the 70.3 in style that the Olympic plan didn’t do for you, well, it’s called the Specialty phase of a Trainerroad plan. There!

Notably, Specialty has both long bricks (“long” relative to base and build) and long runs. It does not have long rides (high volume version only), so you might think about adding some on your own accord.

This is key, by not doing half base and build it’s anyones guess as to whether you are prepped for the training sessions.

Indeed a great result!

What training plan were you following to that point?

What’s your swim and run volume like, and how does it compare to the half distance low vol plans?

I was following the low volume Olympic base build speciality plan, with some additional longer rides on the weekends and some extra swim sessions during the week. I’m not worried about the volume increase in the swim and bike, but feel i was sometimes on the limit with the volume for the run (I had various niggles at different points where i had to skip some sessions).
I think I’m leaning to follow the 70.3 speciality plan and then to adjust the length of the brick and run sessions if it doesn’t feel right.

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Makes total sense to me then, good luck!

Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread.
For anyone who finds this in the future I jumped to the 70.3 speciality plan. As predicted I had to skip a few runs and cut a few of the longest runs short. I managed to complete the 70.3 in just under 5 hours so was really happy with that.



Congrats! That’s good to know. As i want to do something similar. Do a 2 oly’s and one sprint next year (2020) and then tackle a 70.3 for 2021. So maybe i could do some kind of A race a few weeks before the 70.3 which could be my B race (with goal to complete) and do the same kind of bridge that you did there.

Congrats! Nice result, I’m told it’s not an easy course, big climb on the bike!

Went just under 5h myself in the meantime, but on a flat fast one, in cool conditions. Definitely shouldn’t have been the one giving advice here.