Brick Workouts in Winter

Hey everybody,

in August next year I will race a Full-Distance-Triathlon.
In the training plans are often so called Brick Workouts. So running after a bike workout.
Isn’t that kind of risky in cold weather? If you sat on your trainer for an hour or so and than go, lightly overheated, into the cold outside the next chill isn’t far away, right?
Are there some alternatives for the running workout, or should I just go and my worries are unfounded?


You can run on a treadmill (dreadmill) I do that.

Take the extra minute and put on the appropriate level of layers if you run outside.

Plan to add extra layers as @dprimm mentions & don’t do super distance runs unless you’re confident with your clothing choices. Also, bring a phone and hand warmers if you’re really nervous.

Being in Ontario, I can relate. It is tough for me to do brick workouts in the winter at least directly off the bike. What I do pretty much from November through April (unless the weather is in my favor), is to take a bit more time off the bike to go the treadmill at the gym either immediately after the bike or wait until the afternoon and do a longer run. For example on a Saturday morning do a 3-5 hour TR workout then at like 1 or 2pm go to the gym and do a structured 1 hour run on the TM . I still can get the feeling of running on fatigued leg, but I reduced the risk of injury by waiting a bit and can do a more quality workout.

Since my race season is not until June, I will have plenty of time to run directly off the bike and doing a true brick in the spring when the risk of injury is less.