Running off the Trainer in Winter


Just wondering how others deal with the freezing cold getting off the trainer in the evening to go for a run.

Do you completely dry off from sweat first before going into a tempo run or just brave it? Just trying to avoid getting sick or starting the tempo cold and ruining the workout

I have done both. I have dried off and bundled up before running. I have also just hopped off the bike and ran. Mostly, I just don’t do a lot of bricks when it’s super cold.

One way to think about it is you are going to sweat while running in the cold, correct? So does it make you more susceptible to getting sick by starting sweaty, or getting sweaty during the run? Either way, you are sweaty and cold :man_shrugging:

Errr, I get off the bike and onto the dreadmill.


I’m pretty similar. I’ll throw one in when it’s more convenient with my schedule, or if looks nice and sunny out, but I’m not too worried about adhering to them 100% and will often move the run to later in the day.

That said, I’m usually months out from any sort of racing at this point, so I’m not as concerned about the specificity and execution side of things. If I was building for an event I might feel differently.

If youre infected, youre infected - being cold makes no difference to whether you get infected or not. It can enhance the symptoms though.

My turbo trainer is in a freezing garage so I dont have your problem, but I would towel off and layer up for the brick run if going from hot to cold.

I don’t recall where I read it, but I once read that a difference between pros and enthusiasts was that when pros go out, they tend to dress warmer than enthusiasts. I tend to follow that advice for cycling and running. A little warmer than I need to be… But I try to choose a layer that I can unzip if needed.

The other thing I’d mention is that if you have a good fan you might not get too sweaty on the trainer in the first place.

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