Brick Workouts - How Hard To Push?

First time poster, long time Trainerroad user.

My question is on brick workouts and how hard do other people push it? I’m working the 140.6 low-volume plan so the every-other-week brick workout I usually approach similar to race morning in terms of on-the-bike nutrition, pre-workout routine, etc. There are some workout notes in the plan that talk about doing an OLY tri here (or brick), 70.3 here (or brick). The workout scheduled for that day, I typically feel like I could have gone a little harder considering the recommended triathlon to sub it with.

In the workout descriptions, there are notes about “an aggressive half/oly/full/whatever triathlete will live here for however long”, so do people pick workouts based off that note in tandem with the recommended race sub? IE - the recommended race sub is an OLY race so you pick the alt version of the workout for OLY distance racing so you get that same race-like intensity?

I’m not too concerned about the corresponding run intensity, but the bike intensity I am curious to see how other people approach it. Sometimes I get done with the workout and think “in an OLY distance race I think I would have pushed a little more than that on the bike” so I just want to make sure I’m not leaving any possible performance benefit hanging out there.

Thanks in advance!