Brick Run description differs from actual planned workout

I am following an Olympic Tri Training plan and I have a Brick scheduled for this weekend. The run Workout says: “In your longest brick workout of this plan, you’ll sustain 90 minutes of effort between 80-85% FTP keeping you very close to the effort you’ll try to sustain on race day. Then, you’ll dismount and transition quickly into your running gear and take off on a 45-minute run at an Easy, RPE4 pace in order to get a feel for riding and running relatively long, back to back.”
However the associated bike workout is Berkshire: “1h 45’ between 65 and 75%”

I get this too with the full distance plan. I’ve just assumed it’s adaptive training changing the ride but left the run as is.


AT for the runs seems half cooked at best. I get all sorts of adaptations where the workout text doesn’t come close to matching the rest of the workout. At this point in time, I think it’s best just to ignore any specifics with the runs.

Sorry for the trouble, all, this is a known issue we’re working on resolving. Trust the description that aligns with the TR Run workout after adaptation.