Bluetooth on Win10

I’ve got a ticket in with support but since it’s the weekend they’ll be off enjoying sunshine and bikes (I hope) so thought I’d see if anyone else has experienced similar.

I’ve not trained for ~2 months and have built my plan starting Monday. My new Zwift hub turbo arrived this week and I went to set it up ready for 06:30 Monday but for some reason, my Bluetooth dongle (the TR recommended one) is now showing as off. It shows 2 devices in the device count but doesn’t turn on so I can select them. Since it’s showing two devices, my turbo and HR strap, I’m pretty sure it’s not the devices and if I swap to ant+ it will toggle ant+ on and allow me to choose them.

The dongle was working when I last used TR.

  • My phone has Bluetooth disabled just in case it interferes
  • I’ve re-downloaded the drivers
  • It looks like it works since it can see devices but is not turning on.
  • TR is up to date
  • Was also on beta and updated, this was uninstalled and installed on non-beta
  • TR on Android Bluetooth shows the trainer
  • I’ve tried a USB socket on the tower and on two different USB hubs (one powered and the other one built into the keyboard), all 3 USB sockets work with ant

I remember reading about Windows 10 and Bluetooth issues, there was an update that broke it, no idea if it’s been fixed or not.

My recommendation would be to use ANT+ if possible.

Windows 11 is out now, if your PC supports it I seem to remember it was a free upgrade, that ‘might’ help with your issues if you want to use Bluetooth.

I’m on win 11 now but IIRC on my old Win 10 laptop one of the Windows updates disabled my Bluetooth at some point. It was either a case of simply entering the blue tooth devices settings and turning it on again or downloading a fresh update to fix it. If it was the latter I might of had to use Ant+ dongle until it was fixed.