Win10 client now supports BT!

Haven’t seen any announcements or updates to the website, but I just updated my Win10 client and did a workout with the laptop’s built in BT, no issues at all. Great stuff, TR team!


We’re so glad you had a great first experience! We’ve been working on native Bluetooth in the Beta App for a little while now and we are very excited that we’re now able to release this feature for everyone :slight_smile:

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I tried this out the other morning but was having issues getting power data from or sending calibration data to my 4iii Precision on my Windows Surface Laptop. It connected perfectly fine.

I ended up just plugging in my ant+ adapter to do the workout - never logged anything with the TR team because I don’t see a huge need considering I have the dongle anyways.

Has anyone else had issues with these devices working with Windows’ BT?