Bluetooth Headphones (over ear) Recommendations

Any recommendations on what headphones to buy to use during workouts? Preferably Bluetooth and not bank breaking! I prefer the over the head types and not in ear ones, cheers!

Highly recommend Apple’s Airpods if your ears work with that type of earbud. Fantastic for every day use as well. I have a pair of Beats over-the-head studio headphones that I never use anymore - they make my head soooo much sweatier on the indoor trainer.


For their price and performance I’m very happy with these LinkWitz Wireless Bluetooth…


Lots of good ideas here as well:

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Can’t go wrong with these:

MPOW Headphones

Perfectly adequate sound quality, and take a lot of sweat without a problem. I’ve been using mine for almost 2 years now without issues. And if they do break, I don’t really care at this price!


Mattymurda, question for you. I love the standard apple earbuds that come with the iphone, but they always tend to fall out while I’m riding … I think it’s mostly from the cord though. Do the airpods solve this issue because there’s no cord? Or did you have good luck with the earbuds as well? Thanks!

I used Earhoox with my apple earbuds. Solved that problem for me.

Jabra Elite 25e
I used to have Jabra Halo Smart but broke them by stuffing them into a absolutely full bag. Jabra sent me the Elite 25e after a complaint since these are the model replacing the old Halo Smart.

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@Nate_Pearson mentioned on a podcast earlier this year that he sports a pair of Jaybirds. For outdoor rides, I’d recommend the Aftershokz Trek Air


Hey. Heavy sweater here too and I have demolished a least a half dozen until these (if you like over the ear). Moreover the pads are removable and washable (come with a laundry bag).

I just saw that they also make buds…

I was also looking at the Under Armour ones but don’t know how they hold up to real “pain cave” sweat


Mine stay in no problem even when riding outdoors - they will move around a little in the ear based on wind speed but I haven’t ever had them fall out. That said, I have friends and colleagues who can’t even walk at a normal pace without them falling out so totally depends on your ear shape I think!

I love my Airpods for the workday, I hadn’t considered them for use on the bike. I sweat hard on my trainer, have you had any problems with sweat causing issue with the pods?

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I’ve been using Jabra Move wireless bluetooth set for a few years now. I use them daily for the trainer, as well as standard listening usage when doing walks and the like.

  • The price is great for the quality
  • I love the sound
  • The ear cushions while slightly warm, don’t cover the entire ear, while still isolating out quite a bit of noise (think of that huge fan in front of you)
  • Recharge with a cable - I get like 2 weeks out of the battery now after daily use for a few years and charging is super quick
  • I don’t have any issues with them coming out, moving, or becoming uncomfortable even in workouts and intense vo2max sessions
  • I have had zero issues with the hardware, batteries, and not even a single crack on the cushions
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Nope! I haven’t had any issues - noticeably better than beats. I also like that they don’t completely block outside noise like other headphones I’ve tried.

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Wouldn’t you have to remove these for charging though?

I was given these for my birthday and they have been phenomenal. The headphones are highly adjustable and Anker’s customer support is like TrainerRoad, flawless.

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I’ve used a lot of different kinds and have some opinions.

The cheap bluetooth headphones you can get from any number of brands on amazon are great for a “throwaway” pair that will ruin, because the truth is, no matter what you do, the sweat is going to penetrate and break them down eventually. They usually last me 6 months to a year before they break or I lose them.

I prefer the in ear with ear hooks like shown above, but the over the ear work fine too, just a matter of preference.

Over the head earphones are best for sound quality and noise isolation but you will sweat like crazy under them and the glue on the pads will break down over time.

Right now I’m using the Sony MDR-zx as over the ear when I want sound quality ( And I use the Samsung Level Active for outdoor rides and other indoor rides. (

Both of these can be had at Costco for cheaper than their amazon prices and the samsung onces have held up well to riding, weather and abuse on the trainer and in the gym.


Thanks everyone, appreciated

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I have been using these on the trainer for almost 2 years and have had no issues. Cheap and they just work. I am a heavy sweater also.

For running, Aftershokz are amazing. For cycling the wind noise can make hearing Aftershokz difficult.