Bone Conducting Headphone Recommendations

Guys, hit me up… what u saying?


Trekz Titanium. Bone conduction. I’ve been drenching mine in sweat and tears on the trainer for 3 years and they are the perfect solution.

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Yeah to Trekz but not the titanium. Get the Aeropex. Sound is better, charger is magnetic and not usb cable insertion. So that means they are water resistant enough to leave on when you shower. Also the battery seems to last longer than the previous trekz I have had.


Some mentions in the other two existing threads.

The Trekz are mentioned here, three times:

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I am updating the name of this thread and opening it again, with a specific focus on the external, bone conducting headphones. Please keep this thread to discussion on that style and use the other threads as appropriate.


I have been using Zulu audio bone conduction headphones for the last few months. They seem to be much more affordable than most of the other options on the market and they still work great.

Fits the bill for what I need, allowing me to jam out while still being able to hear people talking and other noises in my surroundings.

Planning on using them a bit on the gravel bike this season for those long lonely stretches of deserted gravel road. I have also done some MTB with them and they are great!

I have the latest Aeropex from AfterShokz and they are awesome.


Make sure you flip the EQ settings in the aeropex to get the better bass

Changing EQ settings

By pressing and holding the + and – volume buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, the voice prompt lady says, “ EQ changed” and the sound signature changes

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i have both the Trekz Titanium and Trekz Aeropex and between the two i like the aeropex more as they’re more comfy and fit tighter around the head which makes it feel more secure and has a better battery life.

i have an issue with the sides of the titanium that after a longer ride (4ish hours) the place where they rest behind my hear tends to get uncomfortable especially when the helmet straps are over it (maybe i should put the helmet straps under?).

although the aeropex comes with a proprietary charger, they give two in the box so one stays at home and the other in my cables bag that i lug around everywhere.

I got the Trekz Aftershokz Air because they’re super light and stay stable on my head for runs as well as cycling. The sound is not audiophile-quality, but it’s plenty good enough for use while I work out. I couldn’t be happier with them, highly recommend.

thanks I had no idea. I just tried it and it looks like mine was already on the better bass setting.

Looking at the Aeropex… how do they work on outside rides? Is it hard to hear with wind noise?

I read the cycling tips review and James mentioned it can be challenging over speeds 30km/hr so curious to feedback from others?

I really want to them to be good. i normally listen to podcasts while riding outside.

They’re plenty loud for me for sure. I rarely have them at max volume when riding outside, always over 30kph.