Headphones arghh

Does anyone else have the problem of sweat getting in the volume control on headphones and either turning the volume down or activating Google assistant? It’s really doing my head in and can’t seem to find any headphones without the volume control/microphone.

I use Soundpeats Q30 and sweat never messes with the controls. Then again they are physical buttons and not touch sensitive controls.

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Plenty of discussion about options in these threads:

I am a triathlete and I throw everything at my headphones from running, to cycling, to strength training and I used to have the Jaybird X3 and had to warranty those about 3 times. I stepped up to the Jaybird Tarah Pro and they have been bulletproof so far. 14 hour battery life :flushed: and IPX7 waterproof rating. I have not had one problem with them. I can literally go a whole week of workouts before I need to charge, and a 5 minute charge gives you 2 hours of use…totally worth it to me after all the trouble i’ve had with headphones. Buy nice or buy twice :man_shrugging: