Headphone suggestions?

For my Indoor PainCave Workouts I use an el cheapo Over Ear headphones.

Works just fine and I dont care I they die from the sweat and such, as for $30… just buy another set!

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A couple of existing discussions.

Just replaced my Bose ($150) pair with Senso ActivBuds S-250 ($30). Sound is comparable, and fit is great. They have 28000 reviews on Amazon, so you have a well used product.

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I had a set of PowerBeats 3 that lasted about a year, then I switched to a set of Jaybird Runs. I’ve had the Jaybird’s for 4 months now and I’m already on my 3rd set replaced under-warranty. Ended up selling the new in box 3rd set they sent me and picked up some Apple Airpods.

The Powerbeats were solid. Battery life was great and since they had the hook they would never come off your head. My only complaint is that they were a non-sealing style earbud, so they weren’t great for blocking noise, but that can be a plus or a minus.

The Jaybird’s sounded pretty good, but again I killed 2 sets in 3 months. They did seal really well and also stayed in with no issue running or cycling. I also had issues getting them connected to the Jaybird App to change the EQ on them and mine would never auto-reconnect to the previous device.

Pretty happy with the Airpods so far, but they’re not great for outdoor cycling, as they stick down where my helmet strap is, so if the helmet shifts for some reason it can pull it out of my ear. I picked up a little rubber tether that I stick on them when I ride outdoors for the rare instances that they do get pulled out of my ear. They also have an external port, which makes the soundstage really good, but in windy conditions the wind can overpower the headphones.

I’m using the earbuds / earmuffs combo!
Just get some Bluetooth earbuds and some earmuffs, the ones that you would use to reduce noise in a construction site. Works super good, cancels all the noise, and is super cheap. I wouldn’t want to ruin $ 150+ noise-cancelling headphones with all the sweat and humidity.

I’m loving my Apple Airpods, they fit amazing, have great battery life, sound meh, but integrate into my phone and apple tv very well.

I also love that they are not connected to each other by a cord at all. Typically I just put the right one in.

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I have bone conducting headphones. Trekz Titanium. They’re fantastic.



I know you said earbud/over ear design, but I’ve just treated myself to a pair of AfterShokz Titanium (£96 on Amazon) and they’re great!

I can hear the music/podcast really well, and can still hear the beeps from the TR software and baby monitor if needs be.

They’re bone conduction, which I decided to go for as I get extremely sweaty on the trainer, and earbuds tend to fall out.

Just a suggestion.

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@bazcurtis and @n8udd how do you find the sound on the aftershockz? Reviewers have mentioned that if there is a lot of ambient noise then it can be difficult to hear the music r whatever is playing in the headphones. Critics have also said that bass doesn’t come through and the sound can be “tinny”. Sounds like your experience has not been similar to that?

I have only tried them in the store, but sound quality is really lacking. Deeper base notes is especially annoying, as I felt them as small taps on my cheek, rather than actual base notes.

If situational awareness is important, I would try to. Find something similar to Koss Porta Pro, but wireless. I have no idea if this is a thing, but I love my old wired Porta Pros.

+1 for these. I love mine. 2 years of sweat soaked banging tunes and they are still going strong.

I’m more than happy with them.

I listen to podcasts on the walk to work, and they’re fine as well as metal or rock whilst on the trainer.

I’m far from an audiophile though, I’ve come from a cheap pair of Bluetooth cans from Amazon.

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I’ve had good luck with my Edifier W280BT’s. I’ve had them 8 months. Battery life is decent, 4–6 hours. I sweat a ton during workouts and they’ve yet to have any issues with moisture.

My setup is usually watching NBC replays connected to my MacBook Pro or phone.


Thanks for the input @n8udd. Appreciated.

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Bose SoundSport headphones work great.

They have worked perfectly during sweaty, 1-3 hour indoor workouts for the last 9 months. And I sweat a lot during TR workouts.

I originally tried Beats but they consistently turned off about 20 minutes into a workout. My understanding from that company is that the headphones would do this when they got too wet. So I guess I my sweat was shutting them off.

I highly recommend the Bose SoundSport headphones.

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I’ve had no problem with mine at all. I ride on quiet roads, but the reason I got them was so I could hear what’s around me. They can go pretty load so I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I also like the idea that my ear are open to the fresh air. Less sweat with headphones over the top

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thanks for your suggestions… sony wh1000xm2 is very excellent headphone. i really like this…
but i think razer headphone is very wonderful. Razer products is one of the best headphones brand
best design and highest Sound Quality :notes:

I’ve used Skullcandy Method earbuds. Lightweight, don’t move around when running (if that’s you’re thing), easy to use for phone calls etc, long-lasting battery. Sound is fine although I’m not exactly an audiophile. I’ve been using them for several years. First pair lasted over a year, which is impressive if you knew the abuse these things get (I also go running with them - several marathons, including one in the rain).

Second pair stopped working right away, third one the right ear bud flaked out after a few months, got replacements right away both times (purchased via Amazon), current pair is going on almost a year just fine. So I can’t claim they have the greatest quality, but I’ll stick with them because they’re the best pair of earbuds I’ve found - and I’ve tried a bunch.

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