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Hi everyone.

Recently bought myself a lactate meter in hope of making my training a little less of a “guesswork”. I have done these tests regularly for some months now. Usually on a 3 week on, one week off schedule where the week off is a test week. I know some basics, but I want to further improve my knowledge.

By searching the web, I have found some information, but not a lot. There is excessively many “trash articles” on how to improve Lactate threshold with the usual 60/20 min test, or ramp test an so on, that by searching for training with “lactate” or even “blood lactate” training it in most cases is never what I am looking for.

Therefore I wanted to ask here, if people know where to find good resources on this subject. It can be articles, books, blogs and eally anothing else. If you know of some, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me about it or link to it below in the comment. (Sorry if this has been asked before, tried to search on this forum, but did not find what is am looking for.)


Is this what you are looking for?

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I’m assuming you’ve read through The website is very retro, but full of good information. It’s heavily based on the principles in “The Science of Winning” by Olbrecht.

Lots of work by V. Billat, Mader, Heck, Olbrecht has focus on blood lactate.

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Read all the stuff they have, it’s good, I use their 6min protocols as I do the test alone. But they don’t have much on how to use the results from the test. By that I mean more I formation on what effects training at example 1 mmol, 2mmol and 4 mmol etc. My goal is to learn more of how different traing will effect my lactate curve.

Thanks. Familiar with the site, will check it out once more and see if I forgot something :slight_smile:

This could help

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This is a good thread on Twitter. It’s a bit haphazard but some good info.

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