BJJ and Cycling Plans

Does anyone combine BJJ and TrainerRoad? I used to subscribe and stopped 18 months ago to concentrate on BJJ. Now I’d like to drop weightlifting down, restart TR to do a couple of 80 milers when I’m in the Vosges in France in the summer. Emphasis on enjoying and not grinding!

So if I go BJJ and TR, which plan would help BJJ? I kinda guess some LV Sweetspot base for 6-12 weeks. Then Cyclocross feels like it would have good cross over to BJJ, but that used to be the third block after Build. Is there a Build phase that anyone doing BJJ has used for good effect? If not, I might just rethink the whole idea.

Thanks in advance

Hey Marshall

Not sure if you’ve had success with certain plans since you posted, but would love to chat more about combining BJJ and TR. I started TR last year and have been trying to figure out how to balance the two myself. Thanks!


I’ll be trying to work this out in May or June when I hopefully go back to bjj one or two days a week. I races bikes from 2009-2013, then bjj and no racing 2013-2016 (moved to the sticks), then have been trying to figure out how to do both since 2016 and cycling has always gotten the short end of the stick. I stopped bjj due to covid and started TR in August. I’m hopeful that when I go back to BJJ the structure/decreased cognitive load of TR telling me what to do on the bike is going to help me manage both but honestly I’m not optimistic as I’ve never been even remotely successful doing both from 2016-2020.

Unfortunately not. The Vosges was fabulous (TdF was there last year) but I did not get suggestions so have dropped TR long term for weights, running and striking.

I do think it’s possible to combine TR as BJJ. The issue isn’t some much DOMS in the legs (like from running or weights) but general fatigue. That can be managed by scheduling. Traditionally combat sports would do cardio after your sparring. However, I think if you are a TR user it’s the wrong way round. TR is unforgiving in needing to hit power, and fatigue has a big impact. In a number of ways, it’s no bad thing doing BJJ when you are tired. It makes you concentrate on technique and precision (and why many academies seek to tire folk out before belt testing). I think you can also manage your rolls according to what you’ve got coming up on TR. If it’s a hideous session the next day, then roll easy and pick your partners. If doing them the same day, then do TR first. That is actually the bit I have never quite worked out. Is it better to do one thing a day, or both the same day to have a full day recovery? Maybe it’s individual.

Good luck. I am surprised that there isn’t more on this combination as BJJ and cycling have both exploded in recent years and there’s quite a lot of people in my academy now who roll on the mats and at cycling clubs.

Bjj is a very demanding sport. And it’s a sport that leads to many injuries. And injury in bjj means people would need to stop cycling.

I love bjj, and i would probably do it if I was 15 years younger, and my shoulder was not destroyed… But I would probably not combined with cycling, at least competitively. Weight and maybe running might be a better combo in my mind

@mmckelly same boat here - as I transition back to more intensity on the mat I think it’ll come down to prioritizing energy systems. High intensity on TR during lockdown worked because I was drilling more and not rolling. Some of the conversation around combining strength and TR plans recommend stacking and taking a full day of recovery so I’ll probably try doing that as we transition back. I’m on the last couple weeks of build and debating between going back to SSB1, trying out the new polarized plans with reduced intensity, or just using TR as an aerobic sub. As always, n=1 right? Thanks for sharing your thoughts

i currently train bjj and im also a cyclist , this is what a week schedule looks like for me
mon bjj 2hrs ( 1hr technique and 1hr rolling )
tues day off
wed bjj 1 hr and first hard interval session
thurs easy endurance pace in the am , bjj technique work only in the pm
friday day off or easy ride
sat hard sesion #2 and some extra z2
sun long z2

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it was very hard for me to maintain 3 days of intensity (low volume) . i have found i can ride more with 2 days of intensity and more z2 work

I think x2 intensity and a Z2 makes sense. Perhaps that’s age dependent, but most people starting off in BJJ appear to be 30+ these days. If there was a way of combining and progressing in both it would be fantastic as they are both wonderful hobbies.

I don’t find that’s the case, perhaps it’s a question of intensity. Infact, it probably is. I’ve had mashed shoulders, torn meniscus, ankle sprains etc and cycling on TR was part of the rehab. Also things like dislocated thumb, jammed fingers, shoulder injuries etc didn’t interfere at all with cycling, but did mean weightlifting was very tricky. About the only thing that I found I couldn’t do any riding with was after neck injury (feather weight trying to omoplata an ultra heavy, got picked up as they stood, they lost their balance and dropped me on my head. #ShouldHaveTransitionedEarlier), but even that may have been workable if I’d got a tyre to rig up the MTB.

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I mean…
I would have loved to practice BJJ… but i think with that list (you may want to add the real possibility of tore ACL) , I want no part of it.

I have a very good friend who practice BJJ and he recently had ACL surgery (BJJ related).
He keep inviting me to practice… NOPE

injurys happen sometimes , but as long as you have good training partners that take care of you the risks are small

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