TR on Android 11 crashed during my workout

Running in ERG mode with Wahoo Kickr. Was two thirds of the way through my workout and stood up to stretch out the legs before my last set of OUs. Phone locked up completely. The last set of intervals started (I heard the countdown in my headset and felt the resistance ramp up), but then about thirty seconds later, app stopped. Luckily, my workout was saved up until that point, but pretty damn annoying,

Is this a known issue on Android 11? Is TR just a RAM hog because that’s how my smartphone behaved. Can I expect this type of behavior every time I have to pause a workout because I’ll be asking for a refund if that’s the case. I just switched over from Zwift because I wanted something that would give me a more formal training plan, but if I can’t count on TR to function properly, I’ll just switch back.

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No this is not typical behaviour at all, my guess is that you were just unlucky. I’ve never experienced what you describe.

The first time you run the app it does do a lot of syncing in the background but would have thought it would have done all that by the time you were 2/3 through a workout.

If you do keep having issues then contact TR support - they really are excellent.

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That’s not expected behavior at all. I’d recommend reporting it to The only time I’ve gotten the app to crash on my phone is if I switch between a bunch of other apps, which pull resources from TR (this happens with any phone app).

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In my experience, the longer the TR workout is, the slower it gets. I used to do long endurance rides on TR and by the 3rd hour, things start to lag. This is from an older Android though. It would be cool if maybe they can make a “lite” version for low performance phones.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like it may have just been a fluke this time.