ERG issues (inconsistent)

Hey folks. I hoped on for a quick 30 min workout today and the intervals were all over the place. Sometimes they started on time, other times the first interval started when the third was supposed to begin. Super frustrating and really hard on the knees, never knowing when the resistance was going to double.

Any ideas what’s happening? I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see what i mean.

I’m on a kikr core, if that matters.

I get this result if I have TR and Zwift running at the same time, both in “Control” mode.

  • Is there any chance you had the trainer connected to TR and any other trainer related app?

That kind of on/off pattern is a common sign of the trainer being accessed by more than one app, and will lead to irregular results.

If in doubt, an email to may be worthwhile, because they can dig into the workout logs to see what is happening that we can’t see.

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I had just finished a a quick test with the app formally known as SUF…but I had closed it, though maybe it had yet to give up control. I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it happens again. Thanks

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When in doubt, a full restart of the device should release any pending control, AFAIK. Sure sounds like you had a “tug-o-war” between apps in this case.