Frustrated by technical glitch

Was primed to do a ramp test today. I’ve had good success with not watching the clock so was planning to take that to another level this time. Also wanted to try the Live FTP web site posted here and felt that I could have that displayed on the screen and ignore everything until the very end.

Turns out Trainerroad sort of goes to sleep when it’s minimized, which is very unfortunate. I was going along and thought I was feeling great, counting the songs to roughly know where I was. Turns out after I finally looked up after far longer than I know I can go, Trainerroad thought we were still at minute 12, but the reality is I was at minute 32.

Suffice it to say, ramp test was ruined. Tried to repeat, but was just too much for one day and had to discard both tests. Why can Trainerroad not continue running in the background? Zwift seems to do it fine if I’m not mistaken.

Can you list your exact setup and use?

I routinely minimize TR on my Win10 PC, when juggling windows and other apps on the PC, and have never seen it “sleep” or stick on any time. I don’t think I have done a minimize for a Ramp tests, but I do it often with other workouts, and have not seen a problem.

I use the “dash” or whatever it’s real name is, at the top right of the TR window.

yeah, that’s what I did. I run trainerroad on win10 pc with an ANT+ dongle. I also run Zwift in parallel with a second ANT+ dongle. I do also have bluetooth paired on TR and I suspect sometimes when ANT may be hung, it grabs the bluetooth instead. Admittedly, I do not check each time, so it could be using either ANT+ or Bluetooth on any given ride. If I get power and heart rate, I just roll.

If you look at my test, you can see that the ramp only got to 12 minutes or so, but if you look at the zwift ride, that was over 30+ mins.

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Hey @russell.r.sage,

When you returned to TrainerRoad, the workout was paused, correct? It didn’t crash or “hang”?

If this is the case, then the issue most likely came from the Pedal to Play/Pause feature. If you have Pedal to Play/Pause enabled and you experience a dropout, then TrainerRoad registers this as you stopping pedaling and will pause your workout. If the sensor reconnects, it should resume, but it seems that was not the case during your most recent test.

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to verify since they are able to look at your log files and see exactly what happened and when :+1:

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Hi Bryce, I dont think this was it exactly as the resistance was increasing but just slower than 1 minute intervals. It’s almost like it was pausing and waking repeatedly. I dont typically have dropouts so I dont think that was it.

If I get a sec, I’ll shoot them a note.

Hmm, that’s right. Do you regularly run TR/Zwift simultaneously? If your computer runs out of processing power it may throttle the power off of the background activies to allow your primary activity to run properly.

Be sure that your device is set to high-performance mode rather than battery saving mode, as that can help you avoid performance issues.

Every time. Never an issue.

Very curious; running TR in the background vs foreground should not make any difference on our end. The Support Team will have to take a look at your logs to determine what exactly is going on here.

I’m so sorry about your distrupted test :slightly_frowning_face:.

The happy ending to this post is, I retook the test this morning and went from 274 to 282!