Bikes with Power Meters in Austin Hotels

Does anyone know of a nice hotel in downtown austin that has exercise bikes that will connect to trainerroad on my phone?

The hotel i am booked in now doesnt have those so I have to end up doing workouts by RPE.


I dont. If i traveled for work consistently…first two things i would probably invest in would be a set of power meter pedals and a Brompton or some other folding bike. Can always (usually…) slap on the pedals to any gym bike to get a TR workout in, and you have the brompton to explore whatever new town you happen to be in.

Not that this is helpful at all, just me pondering my future out loud lol :slight_smile:

I think Nate said that he does this. Garmin Vector 3s I believe. Don’t forget a pedal wrench, adjustable wrench and/or set of Allen wrenches. He said you may get weird looks from others in the gym and/or staff, but should be fine.

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Here is their article with useful suggestions:

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I’ve had great luck with my power meter pedals in gyms in hotels (Favero Assioma Duos). Don’t know off-hand of any hotel bikes in ATX with power on them (I live there) but it’s got a great cycling scene so if you can get out and rode (plenty of places to rent nice bikes) I’d encourage it.

Not a hotel, but I believe all the Lifetime Fitness locations in Austin (including downtown) have Stages spin bikes. The Westin Downtown has Peloton bikes, which will do the estimated power thing if you have an account with them.

If you decide to go down this path, Mellow Johnny’s (Lance’s shop) is a great place to rent Trek Madonne bikes from. My son (former collegiate Cat B) and I had a great experience, including providing several local favorite routes. Lots of other sources of good routes if you are interested, including those posted by UT Austin and by Lance and Lawrence Craddock. There’s also a great club, Violet Crown, there that posts rides and/or you could ride with.

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Every time I’m in Austin I ride up and down mesa/jester/yaupon. That’s just my thing…there are many iconic routes to ride in & around Austin.

Or, if the timing is good, you could go race Driveway.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. I’ll probably be working enough that i’ll be restricted to the gym in the early morning or evening so, I’ll have to stick with a bike. Would love to have access to some Vector pedals but those are a bit too $$ for me with the limited amount of travelling I do.