Business Travel and training

Does anyone here do any training while business travelling?

I.e. how feasible is it to bring power meter pedals and use a stationary bike at a hotel? Has anyone done this with any success or is it even possible?



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Recently I moved out from my home country and before settling in, I’ve been living for 3 months in a hotel.
I trained on the stationary bike using RPE / HR. Surely on that crappy bike it was not possible to swap pedals.

During a standard business trip (one week or less) I usually train on the stationary bike (again RPE o HR, usually focusing on Z2 training) or go for a run.

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I’ve done the pedal swap thing, but it depends on the hotel and the bike. I’ve seen people say they’ve met hotel staff who weren’t ok with changing the pedals.

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The bikes are usually so crappy that I usually just go for a run.

I do about everything from elliptical to cycling or yoga.
I lift or swim as well -almost everything but bringing my bike.

Exception. I am heading to a conference and then to camping soon and I will likely go early to the conference with my bike to get hill training. But it is the HARDEST discipline to do while on business - especially conferences.