Are there gyms with smart trainer/ good indoor bikes in NYC?

Hi everyone,

I am going for a work trip to the US (usually live in Switzerland) and was wondering if there are nowadays even some sort of gyms that offer good indoor bicycles or smart trainer where I could maybe even dream of doing a trainerroad workout?

Not that I’ve ever heard of. If anyone would know it might be R&A Cycles. They’re a high end shop in Brooklyn. They could probably point you in the right direction. If you have power meter based pedals you could probably ask a gym if you can swap when you’re there if you just bring your own pedal wrench.

No specific information. Most gyms have a Stages spin bike with a power meter. The density of NYC will actually make it harder to find what you’re looking for. Connection your phone to it and just adjust the resistance manually. Are you staying in Times Square ? Pro Tip: Union Square among other locals is every bit as continent and less hectic.

I’d suggest you fall off your plan and just ride NYC. You can can light to light intervals, laps of central park, or cruise the neighborhoods. Rapha and a dozen other bike shops make it easy to rent. You can also just get a Citi bike for an hour.

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Good suggestions about renting a real bike and getting outside.

A number of hotel gyms will have peloton bikes. Not ideal, but I have been able to recreate TR workouts using an HRM and RPE to adjust power if it feels too easy or hard (peloton bikes are notoriously poorly calibrated bike to bike). It then uploads to Strava and then into TR. Better for more steady state / recovery rides than on/off intervals, of course!

Get lots of towels. With the poor cooling there is a moat around me by the end, even doing Pettit!


Barring a better alternative, this is an option:

I think you’ll find it’s not that bad on a spin bike. I’d do that over wasting time finding the perfect gym… I’d also just do 30min of intervals on the trainer, then sub the zone 2 work with walking around the city. … or ride outside, which would be awesome in the summer AMs. Keep in mind NYC runs really late in the AM, many offices aren’t open till 930am and the streets are chill at 8am. Riding around city after 8pm is fun.

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I am not sure if you meant that for me, but not sure I understand your comment. My point was that many hotels have peloton bikes (Marriotts for instance), so no need to find a perfect gym. The ones I stay at in NYC have them. And at home I have 3 fans, no shirt, and AC control - which I don’t have in hotel gyms. So even 30 minute recovery spins have sweat pouring out of me. YMMV.

I used to live in NYC and absolutely loved early AM rides on the street, especially in the summer when traffic is generally even less busy.