Power meters for exercise bikes

Hello all,

I travel quite a bit with my job and I’m often working away from home and staying in hotels. I have a gym membership that allows me to train at a lot of gyms across the country but what I wondered was.

Is there a power meter that could easily be added on to a gym exercise bike so I could use it for my workouts away from home.

I know there are pedals but gym owners would still frown at this. Is there something similar to a cadence sensor that could just be attached and then removed nice and easily?

Thanks in advance

you sure they would frown on this? I’ve heard numerous folks take this approach. It might be worth a chat with the manager to see what they think. Cadence isn’t power and won’t get you what you need.

How good are you with a pedal wrench, hex key and grease? Make sure you grease the threads of your pedals and theirs and hope whoever installed their pedals used grease or the bike isn’t used enough for the threads to bind already. What they don’t know…

Plus don’t cross thread when attaching

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Thread tapping tools are hard to pack…

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I’m googling to see if there is something that is easier than removing and installing pedals. Alternatively I should take my bike with me and do that?

There is no clip on power meter available.

Just train by RPE and heart rate when at a gym. It’s not hard. All you need to calibrate is your RPE for:

zone 2 (endurance pace)

threshold/just under (sweet spot)

over threshold (mostly all out)

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I’ve travelled with and changed pedals, never once have I had anyone complain to me about doing it. It literally takes less than 5 minutes.

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