Bike then strength in same hour

I’ve been following trainerroad ssblv1+2 then build for the last 5 months and have seen an almost 30w ftp increase. I’m now going to start 10 weeks of strength work off the bike . In January I’ll be restarting a TR plan and returning to strength maintenance 1 per week.

I still only have 2x1hr sessions available to me during the week (I know this is realistic and I can do it consistently) so am wondering which workouts to do before strength, as I only have 1 hour they need to be 20-30 mins max , I have been looking at workouts like birling-3 and Davis as opposed to lower Zone 2&3 workouts, is this the way to go or should I be returning to SSBlv1 and using the workout variants to select shorter ones if available?
Thanks in advance.