Bike-Hill Run-Bike Training

Hi there, new to the forum, but fairly experienced TR user. I’m currently training for a 115k multisport event in September - Abersoch Roc (fingers crossed it doesn’t get cancelled), which is made up of a 1.5k swim, 50k bike, 12k run up and down Mount Snowdon, 50k bike, finishing with a 1k sprint on the beach where it all started. I’m currently following a high-volume middle distance tri plan using plan builder, mainly for the bike workouts. I’m thinking about altering the plan slightly when the speciality stage starts, swapping the weekend long bike/run sessions for a bike/hill run/bike combo (mainly outside with bike power somewhere around 0.8 IF). Good idea? any other suggestions? Cheers, Mike

No suggestions on training but that looks like such a nice event. I was tempted to sign up but my running is too inconsistent due to injuries :disappointed:

Good luck and fingers crossed it goes ahead!