Extended Rest Week (Broken Bike)

Hey Guys,

I have been having a very unlucky week, recently got my derailer hanger changed and shortly after having it replaced it snapped while riding 50+ km/h causing my derailer to crack the carbon frame (the chainstay and seatstay) while spinning around the wheel as well as breaking a couple spokes. The next day I took the bike back to the shop that replaced the hanger and am still waiting for them to get back to me about how to remedy the situation.

Luckily for me that was my last ride before a rest week after completing SSB2 so I have been taking the rest week seriously to say the least. However that week is up as of yesterday and I am starting to get anxious that I am going to be loosing fitness as I have no idea when I will have a new bike to ride (as well as really disappointed I can’t do an FTP test ).

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to maintain fitness when biking isn’t an option (no access to gym bikes during COVID or borrowing a friends). I tried running but my body is really not built for it. That being said any suggestions are welcome.


Sorry for the bad luck, it happens. Can you ask the shop about a possible loaner? Especially since there could be some grey area of fault here? There’s no way to replicate bike fitness without a bike so you’ll have to reconsider the running thing. Just because, “you’re not built for it” doesn’t mean you couldn’t try it. If you do, start small - then go smaller. I ran for the first time in over a year. About a mile. I was SORE the next day so just don’t over do it. You’ll at least stave off some of the fitness loss.

A good time to try some body weight strength training as well. No weights needed for some pretty effective routines.

Or, take the other approach and expect the bike fitness loss but realize you’ll be chomping at the bit and very fresh once you get the bike sorted out. Start saving for the next bike too, maybe you can turn this into a long term advantage?

I ran 5km yesterday and couldn’t believe how sore my knees, quads, and ankles were. Don’t think doing it more than a couple times a week is sustainable, especially knowing it definitely won’t replicate long endurance rides.

Will definitely be spending more time doing weight training as I do have access to that, and quite enjoy it.

Good idea asking the shop about a loaner bike. I didn’t even think about that!! Thanks!

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Yeah, I’m no runner and do not enjoy it, BUT… if I couldn’t ride my bike I know that I would pick it up. You just have to approach running in a very different manner. Those of us with an aerobic engine usually find it difficult to ramp up the running volume in a manageable way. Even 5K is too much when you’re starting out. I’d say half that, tops. So you really won’t be able to maintain your same engine even with some running if you’re doing it properly. That said, good luck on finding a loaner bike!