Big Ring Versus Little Ring Perception

So after finally getting back into a groove after a bad injury two years ago, then Covid, and blah blah blah… I was doing a workout 2x20 with 4 min rest. I have a smart trainer Saris H2. I usually leave in small ring and let ERG do its magic. Started out in small ring did warmp up then went into first interval. Was about to give up 4 mins in and lowered bias 5%. Went another few and stopped for a min. Put bike in big ring and rode along with interval almost seeming easy. I even raised bias up to 97% for last 5 mins. For second started at 97% in big ring almost felt easy and raised to 100% for last 5 mins. TSS matched at the end. My thought was the big ring allows for more flucation of power. Also cadence was at or above 85 whole time. So why did it seem easier in big ring? Any thoughts?

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