Big ring or little ring

Big ring or little ring when riding ERG mode? What are pros and cons of this?

Depending on the workout I feel like small ring is to much of a grind sometimes, when in big ring thing feel little more natural to me when suffering. I ride H3 once you get the fly wheel going it feels great i’m loving the 20 pound fly wheel.

does big ring riding hurt the chain more in the long run even when not shifting?

Little Ring - Quieter but more little micro-spikes in power due to the low inertia
Big Ring - Louder but fewer little micro-spikes in power due to the high inertia

I do big ring when I’m doing harder workouts. I do the little ring on easy days when I want to watch TV.

My preference is to have trainer behave like riding on the road, and so I only use big ring when in Erg on Kickr direct-drive. That gives me similar RPE / FTP / feel between road and trainer :+1:t3:

I use the little ring simply because if it wears out it is much cheaper to replace than the big ring on my R8000 setup haha

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