ERG mode in the big ring

I’m rather new to smart trainers, but I’ve owned a Kickr for about six months now and while I never thought I’d get used to ERG, I love it.

Anyway, I’ve always used it on the small ring with a straight chain line and never thought that the gear could make any difference up until today when I decided to do some VO2Max work (Kaiser +2) in the big ring for some reason. Also, putting it in the big ring makes my trainer make a weird noise and I don’t know what’s that about, maybe it’s the flywheel spinning so much.

Is it just me, or does it make the workout ever so slightly easier?

I have noticed that ERG can’t smooth out my power so much, so the power graph ends up looking much more like when I was on a dumb trainer, so I do get a bit more natural feeling.

You might find some useful information in this topic


Thanks for the link, very educational stuff!