Experiences with transitioning from training in big ring to small ring in ERG mode

After going through the countless big ring vs small ring threads, I’ve decided I should have been training in the small ring this whole time. I mainly race CX, XCM and gravel and it seems like the consensus is using the small ring for these disciplines.

My question is for those of you who have trained in the big ring, then switched to the small. How long did it take you to get used to it. I feel like the small ring is so much harder and causes my legs to burn much quicker making routine SS intervals rather difficult (although this could be due to me having an increased FTP?)

Also, I did my last ramp test (saw a 3% bump to 327w) in the big ring and I’m wondering if my FTP will be off now that I’m doing the workouts in the small ring. I’ve done a week of SSB1MV and have finished the workouts but my over unders on Saturdays seem way harder than I think they should.

Are there any other experiences people can share?

We don’t have data, but my experience and comments from others leads me to firmly believe that you should retest in your new lower gearing. The demand on the body varies enough to impact the results, IMO.

Granted I’m not super active on the threads but I’ve never seen this. I mainly do gravel at this point. Perhaps something I should be considering …