Big FTP Increase! (Some ramp test/position questions)

Hi everyone!

Together with my boyfriend, I started cycling from zero fitness at the beginning of this year. He has a history of cycling at least every now and then but I’ve legit never done any riding other than around the neighborhood as a child.

So, what first started as exhausting 10-mile coffee rides slowly became longer and more frequent rides through the summer. I did my first metric century in August for the Rapha Women’s 100 challenge and on Thanksgiving, I did my first full century.

In August I started riding with power and did some indoor rides in the hot Las Vegas summer and scored 200 on the Sufferfest Half Monty test. I didn’t follow a plan with any consistency and after trying Zwift I realized i didn’t really like just riding around.

So I joined TrainerRoad about 7 weeks ago and scored 199 on the Ramp Test before diving into the Sweet Spot Base program on a recommendation from a friend. This past weekend I did the Ramp Test again after completing the six-week program and scored 224! I’m super stoked about this and we made a little video about my test.

I’m partly looking for some advice with this post as well since I stood on the pedals at the end of the Ramp Test but afterward I sat down again and pedaled some more seated. Was my result fair and good? I’ve since jumped into Sweet Spot Base II and it’s been tough but I’m able to complete the workouts.

Because my feet sometimes cramp up (unrelated to cycling) I sometimes get off during a ride for a quick stretch, does that influence adaptation?

Lastly, some people that saw my video mentioned that I’m wobbling a lot on the saddle even though I did a bike fit already. Any specialists out here that have comments on my position?

Here’s the video: Ramp Test on TrainerRoad (Incredible Suffering!) - YouTube

Thanks all for the input! I’m aiming to take my FTP to 235 sooner than later!



Awesome gains! Congrats!
This level of improvement is really good and if you check out the progression thread you will see that many others also have similar improvements so no need to be scared of the nice bump.

You should stay seated in the ramp test but since you are able to complete your following workouts your FTP seem to be at the correct level.

Getting of the bike during a workout can have a large effect on adaptations but not necessarily. It depends on the workout. Some workouts aim to build up fatigue and if you get off and rest, that fatigue will never happen or at least be less. If I have to get of the bike for any reason I try to do it in the recovery period between interval sets. Somebody else might have more info on this one.

For the position on the bike, I recommend you posting your video in the Bike fitting mega thread. Some really experienced people there. If you can add a video straight from the side that would probably help also.

All in all, nice gains!

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