Bibs & Shorts Discussion 2023

Interesting, I didn’t realized they started carrying them. I might have to grab a pair on the next sale

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I do not like my Le Col bibs, they do not have enough material on my sit bone and half of it hangs off the pad. I have the same issue with starlite.

Pearl Izuma makes ok pad for me, but after 1 year they are rubbish.

I enjoyed my assos gear

I just got a Gobik skin suit and on the trainer it felt good, looking forward to trying on a longer ride.

My favourite bib shorts just now are by Gobik ; a few teams in the pro peleto uses them too (which will give you an idea of fit). If I’d known I’d like them so much I would have bought another pair in Tenerife as they don’t seem to be widely available in the UK.

Do you know which Assos bib model(s) you have?
Trying to do determine what price point would be a good entry for me into the world of Assos bibs.

Recently got a jacket from them, and I am quite smitten with it.

I didn’t either. I can’t believe neither company sent me something announcing this.

Assos Equipe rs s9
Pearl Izumi pro shorts
Le Col what ever the high end bib is
GoBik revolution K10

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They are not to expensive also

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Assos has just announced a “lower priced” (for them) line.

I lucked out and picked up a number of their bibs when their prior gen was discontinued. I use them carefully to make them last, as they are my favorite bibs.

For those that like Le Col bibs like @stickmandj @Helvellyn @Power13 @brenth etc can you advise how much better the pro level bibs are versus their entry level ‘sport’ version? I got the sport bib tights in Black Friday sale. They feel lovely when you put them on but feels a bit ‘meh’ on the bike. Is the pad on the pro and HC versions a completely different proposition? I am admittedly notoriously sensitive in the saddle area but still find myself shifting about whilst wearing these. The most comfy bibs for me are Endura FS 260. Had loads of these over the years but my last few pairs have all split in the chamois pad after a few weeks / months. Last pair were sent back for a refund. Anyone else also had this issue?

What’s the chamois thickness and quality like?

I can’t answer that @Sundance as I have only ridden the Pro shorts. Sorry.

My cheap-o shorts are Sponeed. Nearly identical price but no leg pockets. Some of my older ones are stretching and wearing thin, but the wall behind me doesn’t care. :rofl:

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I like them too except the soft bit back of the knee/ calf which doesn’t; if I don’t add some chamois cream there for my legs they sit just in the right place to cut them up.

The first pair I bought were Sport bibs. I have found the pro to be noticeably better. Overall the shorts feel a bit tighter but not excessively so. The chamois is definitely firmer and more comfortable. I have bought 5 pairs of the pro bibs since because I feel the extra quality was worth the price difference. If you can afford to get the pro version I would go that way.

I don’t feel very much difference in these between my expensive ones on short rides, I’d have to guess 3/4" thick under the sit bones, on the softer side of things?

I don’t really expect them to last all that long, but they’re cheap enough that it basically lets me save the good ones for longer and outdoor rides.

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I have bought 1 sport version and the rest are the pro version. Chamois is thicker and overtime has been more durable then the sport version. I wouldnt buy the sport version again. I have had saddle issues the prior two years so became a lot more concerned over what I wore. For some though I suspect the thickness of the chamois on the pro version may be too much. The pro version fits me better then just about any bib I have tried. I do have pairs of Assos higher end bibs which also have a thick pad but their fit just doesnt work well for me.

The Castelli Superleggera bibs for when the day is hot and you want every salt particle to show after a descent.

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RedWhite makes bibs and nothing else, no distractions lets then make the best bibs on the market. They cush your tush and support your muscles. Period. Don’t pass on getting sizing advice from the owner.

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I currently have 3 different models that I use.

DHB Aeron Bibs - I find them ok and they offer pretty good value, especially since you can find them on Sale pretty often.

  • Gore C5 Bibs - Realy like them the Chamois seems to fit me well and is smoother then the DHB. The straps are a bit to loose for my liking but they stay in place well and work well for me in a lot of Temperatures.
  • Endura FS260 Pro Bib - Like them the Chamois feels similar to the C5 and overal quality seems ok and for under 100$ which I found them they are good value.

I never tried the really expensive stuff, but I’m happy enough with that price range and can ride 10h day in them so I’m fine with them. Always thinking about getting some more premium bibs, but I really don’t want to get into the habit of spending that much for my Cycling clothes.

Has anybody used both the Pactimo Summit Stratos 12 hour and Castelli Free Aero RC big shorts? I’m a small in the Castelli, and trying to figure out if I should get a small or XS in the Pactimo, as I like my bibs tight.