Beyond Frustrated and about to give up

I pay for 3 accounts, my son, wife and myself. My son uses his iphone. 99% of the time he has no issues. I use my laptop, 1 week it works good with a BlueGiga BLED112 dongle, the next week it will only work with ant+.

My main problem is with my wife’s setup, it never seems to work correctly, most of the time it will not pair with her kickr or quarq and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s with a BlueGiga BLED112 dongle or ant+.

I’m not asking for help, i know how it all works and i know i’m doing everything right. i’m just pissed and tired of my wife having to spend 30 min trying to get things to work so she can ride for an hour. Today she spent 1 hr trying to get it to all pair, she finally gave up

sorry for the rant, i just wanted to vent

Hi there,

I know that this doesn’t solve things, but I really am sorry to hear this and would like to apologize for the frustration that you and particularly your wife are experiencing.

I think that I’ve found your wife’s account, and it looks to me that she is using our current production Windows application. If it’s not too much trouble, could you see if she’d be willing to try out our recently launched beta?

I can’t promise that this will improve things, but we’ve made sweeping changes and rewritten the app from the ground up. Because of this, I think it’s likely that things could be better.

If she’d like to give the beta a shot, it can be downloaded here.

Installing the beta won’t remove the production version, so just make sure that both versions of the application aren’t running at the same time as this could cause some weirdness.

Although your problems aren’t as severe, I think that you might enjoy the new beta experience as well if you’d also like to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much to you and your family for utilizing TrainerRoad. We truly appreciate it and want to do everything in our power to make sure that all of your rides are as headache free as possible.

I understand that you said you’re not asking for help, but If you guys continue to run into issues, please do reach out to our support team at and they’ll take care of you. You’re also more than welcome to shoot me a private message on the forum.


For what it’s worth (I know you didn’t ask for help, but hey-- I’m a busy-body!) :slight_smile: when I’ve had bluetooth problems with either my HRM or Erg Trainer it’s always been that at an earlier time, even a day or two prior I’ve launched TR, Strava or the Wahoo app on a secondary device (iPhone or iPad for me) to check a stat or tweak a setting and even in the background it’s held onto the connection, preventing it getting picked up by the TR app running on the ‘live’ device.

If your family are all using the trainer, it might be that, say, your son’s phone tends to be winning the ‘IT’S MINNEEEEE BUHAHAHA! I WILL NOT SHARE’ connection game. Next time you have issues, go through the devices and swipe any potential trainer-related app closed, and see if you have more luck. Good luck, I know very well how frustrating it can be!


thanks for the advice. i installed the beta and it seems to have corrected the issue.


The Beta completely changed my user experience.

I joined TR, January 1st of this year and every single workout has had some sort of communication error. The pairing issue’s didn’t happen a lot it was BlueTooth/Ant + that plagued my setup. I would a least get micro pops every ride causing my ERG mode to disconnect, I’d have to let the ride pause and then it would reconnect and I could continue. At least once a week I’d get a complete freeze up wrecking my training for that ride.

I loaded the latest beta and have had 2+ weeks of perfect rides. All of my issues have gone away.

I feel your pain and I hope the beta resolves these issue’s! :+1: