Wahoo doesn’t want to link

Has anyone had issues trying to do a workout and nothing seems to go right with your linking up your training equipment?

Not recently - what is your setup?

I like to run my Garmin 1030+ to compare to data, I use my iPad to watch trainer road but I think I have to many things wanting to hook up like my phone, computer, and my iPad. Or maybe my services out here in the country is so bad nothing wants to work.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can usually only have one Bluetooth connection per device at a time. Less of an issue with ant+ - with ant+ you just have to make sure you don’t have different programs fighting over control of your trainer.

In your case I’d be making sure your Garmin is connecting via ant+ and making sure you don’t have an app on your phone or iPad hogging a Bluetooth connection.

I’ll try that this evening, I thank you for your time greatly appreciate it

My wife and I each have seen our kickrs not show up from time-to-time. It’s weird as they almost always work perfectly - open the app, select workout and go - but once in awhile we’ll notice them not found and not shown in the device list.

Neither of us really use any other apps with our Kickrs and don’t use each other’s trainer (very rarely I’ll use Zwift, but use ANT+ for that), but something goes weird for us just once in awhile.

For us, merely unplugging the power jack from the kickr and plugging it back it gets it to show up and work as expected.

May I stay in touch on this? I’ll be doing a session this evening. I’m thankful that you have took the time. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to do the structure and your equipment doesn’t want you too

Haha I know - the intervals are hard enough without having to fight your equipment too.

Also, support@trainerroad.com are always responsive if you are really stuck.