Bluetooth v Ant+

I’ve been using the Android app for over a year, I love trainer road. However the connection via Bluetooth is so flakey.

I always try to use only Ant+ and this is pretty much flawless.

However on occasion I forget to turn off Bluetooth on my phone and begin a ride. Then say 30 mins in
to a session the connection drops and I need to close the app and try to resynch devices etc. This is a real pain, and it also interrupts my flow and makes it hard to get back into it. Its doubely bad if I already have anything else connected via Bluetooth to my phone, say headphones or a speaker.

Is there anyway to just stop the trainer road app from trying to use Bluetooth altogether?


I know you can disable Bluetooth access for certain apps via iPhone, but troubleshooting steps for things like this is super device specific, so I’d recommend getting in touch with the support team.
They’ll be able to look at your internal ride logs to see what is causing the dropouts to help isolate the issue, or, they can walk you through disabling Bluetooth if it’s an option. Feel free to follow that link above to submit a request, or you can email them at

Sorry you’re having trouble, but the team is SUPER knowledgable with the Android version of the app, they’ll gladly run through the steps with you!