Beta fuel electrolytes

All my training is done on Trainerroad, so my longest rides are only about 2 hours, I usually fuel with SIS Beta Fuel. I did a 70 mile road ride last weekend, used SIS Beta fuel (80g carbs an hour) to fuel it, but suffered from cramp towards the end. I wrongly assumed that Beta fuel contained electrolytes. I’ve got a century ride coming up next weekend, so I’d like some suggestions on the best way to add electrolytes to my fueling strategy. There’s 3 options I can think of:

1 Can I add Precision Nutrition electrolyte powder to the Beta fuel in my drink bottle? Or would this taste horrible and slow digestion?

2 Stick to Beta fuel in my drink bottle, and periodically take Precision Nutrition salt tablets.

  1. Switch to Beta Fuel gels for my carbs, and put Precision Nutrition electrolytes in my drink.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!


No idea on the science but I’ve always added a tab of PH to my beta fuel for the same reason, and it has been fine


I would certainly suggest sticking to your beta fuel, since that is what you are working with already.

I make my own mix of carbs but I do add a fizzy tablet of SIS to each bottle and in the summer months a sprinkle of table salt.

If you are getting ready for a long ride then I would also suggest spending the day before making sure you have a few drinks of water with those tablets to try and make sure you are fully ‘dosed’ before you begin. You definitely don’t want to start the ride in deficit!

I vote #2
It’s a bit late to experiment to see what will work. Could be electrolytes or just an over worked muscle if you are not accustomed to long rides. Hope it’s electrolytes.

The recent banter over the last decade or so is the lack of electrolytes isn’t the primary reason for cramps… something something when motor neurons in the spinal cord become overexcited and fire excessively something something. It’s worth searching up.

I can be loaded with electrolytes, but if I’m on an early spring club ride that is extra spicy, there’s a good chance that I’ll cramp on that last effort. I’m just not used to those efforts in an uncontrolled way on that first fast ride.

Regarding salt, just buy some sodium citrate, it’s cheap.