Feature request: Add Just Taper Weeks to Calendar

It would be great if there where a pre race plan. For example the week before the race.
That get the body in perfect shape at the start of the race

i hope there are more people with this request

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Hey there!

We actually do have this very thing!

What you are describing is called a taper week, and these weeks can be found on Weeks 7 and 8 of the Specialty Plans. Be sure to pick the Specialty Plan that most closely matches your races demands, because the taper weeks are customized according to the type of event.

If you are pretty fresh, then a one week taper will be appropriate and you can just do Week 8 leading up to race day.

If you have been training hard all season, a two week taper would be better, and you will do Weeks 7 and 8 leading into your event.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit!


EDIT: After seeing @Bryce 's response, I guess I should have known and should have completed the specialty phase but started my plan too late and ran out of time before the season started… oops. [I still think stand alone taper plans might be easy to drop into a race season calendar if not working through a specialty plan]

I like that idea. I would take it a step further and say a full “A” race two-week taper/peak schedule and base it on current CTL Ranges in 10 or 20 tss steps; e.g.
Low Volume Peak (CTL: 60-80 TSS)
Mid-Volume Peak (CTL: 80-100 TSS)
High Volume Peak (CTL: 100-120 TSS)

And for each “specialty”/race type: e.g CRIT, RR, TT, etc.

I think for guys like me that during the race season who are not necessarily following a TR plan anymore and are caught up in their regular weekly routine for racing each weekend, can look at their current CTL and pick a taper/peak plan two weeks out from their “A” event.

Agreed, it is definitely a pain to add the Specialty Plan, delete the first 6 weeks, and then place it where you want it. We have plans to improve the Calendar in the future that will allow you to add only the weeks you want from a plan, which will simplify the process. I will bring up your suggestion with the team to add additional instructions regarding the proper addition of a Taper Week :+1:


Looking through the forum I read a lot of topics on how to taper.

Why not have programs that are a week or two long foe tapering. You could add it to the middle of a program and push your current program back or start it at the end of a program.

Ive found many suggestions but would be nice to have a program I could just start!!!


Thanks for the feedback!

I could definitely see that having a go to Taper Plan would simplify things for those who need to adjust their current plan to get ready for an event. So, good thinking! I will pass along your idea to the TR Team and we will see if that is something we want to implement.

Keep up the good work! :+1:

i second this motion…great idea. you could also have 2 versions for a long or short distance event

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Hey @FatBoySlim,

I just thought I’d chime in and mention that Weeks 7 and 8 of your Specialty Plan are the best weeks to use as a taper for your event. It is not currently possible to drop in just Weeks 7 and 8 at this time, but that is something that we have considered and may add in the future :+1:.

For now, what I like to do is add the full Specialty Plan at some point a few months in the future, and then copy/paste Weeks 7 and 8 into the plan where I want my taper to be. Then, delete the arbitrary Specialty Plan you added to clear that plan from your Calendar. The copied Taper weeks will still stay where you placed them.

Also, I am going to merge this thread with a similar feature request from a few weeks back so that we can keep all of the relevant discussions in one place :slight_smile:


Thanks for being so on the ball Bryce! You jumped on that right away. It would be great if we just had the one or two week option to insert into a program after pushing our current program down. But you suggestion will certainly work until changes are made!

Just looked at a specialty plan. Pushed my calendar a week and inserted the workouts individually day by day. Worked great.
Thank you!

I’m happy to help! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback.

I was about to post this as a revolutionary new idea/suggestion but looks like several others have beaten me to it.

A ‘Taper to event’ smart feature - looks at your current TSS and automatically tapers you perfectly to event day, whenever it may be, whether it’s mid SSB or whatnot. Fills the workouts into your calendar, giving the option to either shift or replace any other planned workouts.