Best plan for 3-5 minute power

Hey TR gang,

Given life circumstances, my racing season is over for this year (at least IRL - I’ll be racing on Zwift frequently). I’ve completed SS base mid and General build mid.

Setting new goals, there are some Strava segments I want to PR/KOM in the 3-5 minute range. Any recommendations for training plans to crush these segments? I’m considering Short build into Crit specialty, but considering Rolling RR instead of Crit.

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Hills? Flat? Rolling? :man_shrugging:

both flat and hilly segments

VO2max workouts.

'Nuff said. :facepunch:


Thanks @Captain_Doughnutman :metal:

Well, if you wanted a specialty, i’d say rolling road race. This focuses a lot on that duration, but i’d also say there is even more emphasis on those durations back to back with very short rest. i.e diamond, kern, etc.

For straight up 3-5min power i’d be inclinded to say short power build which is more about vo2, and decent breaks so you can go again properly recovered - especially as race season is over. RRR is more race like in the sense you often have to put in efforts when still wrecked from the last attack.

Unsure on your timing, as ideally base>short power>RRR would be my suggestion.

I’m with @Captain_Doughnutman, straight up VO2max FTW!! :facepunch:

For what you want to do, racing on Zwift is a good plan! Most races are won with one to five minute efforts. You can choose races with courses that you know will be super hard for short durations. Anything with the Watopia Forward KOM, Innsbruck Leg-snapper, London Box Hill, NYC hilly courses and of course Richmond UCI.

Good thought about about choosing races to that target short 1-5 minute efforts!

Is there anything VO2max can’t do?! :heart_eyes:

Don’t forget to practice your aero position for those flat segs. At 3-5min speeds being slippery will gain you a handful of free seconds.

doing 2-6m intervals. work the edges and the exact times that you want to crush. be event/KOM specific!