1 - 2 min Short power build over years (trainerroad plans?)

Hi, there is a decent gap around my 1 min power compared to 5 min and above when looking at my power profile. I wish to focus 60 - 120 sec power a bit more and increasing this over a couple of years.

Is the best way to follow the short power plans with allot of 1:1 work:rest workouts?

Why is there no workouts with focus on short power max with big work:rest ratio like 1:6 or even more?.
Is this more a speciality peak workout which should only be done before A race where max power on x time is needed to breakaway or finish.

Any thoughts around short power is super welcome.

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Any recommendations from the library gratefully received. Most sprints seem to be 20-30 seconds up to occasoionally 225%. The only 1 minute max effort I remember doing on TR is in the Allen/Coggan workout.

Last season did 245% for a minute (10.19 w/kg) outdoors, and I want to work back up to that in isolation if possible. I don’t have a laptop/workout creator.

Would also be interested in workouts to build standalone 1 min power as this is my main focus. At the moment I alternate between two of my own workouts:

60s repeats: 60s @ ~75% max with 4 mins rest, 60s max effort. Then if I have time I will add some more repeats at 75%.

Mini over-unders: 12s sprint, 12s recovery, 12s sprint, 12s recovery, 12s sprint then 4min+ rest. Usually about 5 sets. I keep the same gear and the 12s ‘recovery’ is just continuing to turn the pedals so it typically still 110-120% FTP.

No idea if these are any good but my 60s power has gone from about 7 to 8 W/kg in the past few months. I think the 4 min rest is likely sub-optimal, but I typically only have 40 minutes to train (though that has changed since covid-19 remote working).

Side note: why is 75% of 60s max repeats still so fucking hard?! I never calculated the % before and I couldn’t believe it was so low.

My thought would be to listen carefully to the latest podcast about vo2 max work. In particular the part that says it’s easy to assume short power is your problem and needs working on. But bringing up your 1-minute PB does not mean that you can produce that 1min PB at the end of a 2-hour race. You might end up realising you’d have been better raising your FTP and your muscular endurance so you reached that crucial point with fresher legs and more energy to spare. As Amber said, train right, and “the whole race gets easier”.


Are you suited to short high power bursts? Not everyone is. Err, me for example!

This week’s deep dive on VO2max is a good one, it’s nearly 45mins long but doesn’t feel anything like that.

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5Min + 20Min + eFTP is all time PB, done on tacx neo.
5sec i can’t do indoors, 60sec is good but miss a little for outdoor PB, 60 min i haven’t done for this seasons chart.

Focused FTP in my carriere, but upped my VO2max and done some all out at short power. So w/kg is decent on 1 min but a bit below the rest.

Trying to try new programs and learn, and looked trough all trainerroad plans but it seems Pmax (example 1 min all out 6min+ break) is nowhere to be found.

For my races raising FTP which i think must be close to the ceiling will take allot of focus and won’t help me.
So if there is a way to raise 1 min over time im interested, but im afraid its too much linked to vo2max and FTP and won’t give much over time, especially if it makes me do less VO2max and FTP workouts.

Have you looked at the maintenance plans? https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/plans/category/23-enthusiast quite a few HIIT sessions in there.

I wonder if the “problem” is that sprints, proper sprints, on a trainer are hard to do in a consistent way that avoids injury to yourself and damage to the kit? The images for each workout do seem to be limited to 200% of FTP in their Y-axis scale.

Unless someone comes up with some good input i might look more at the short power plans.

There are many workouts like this and might be a good compromise with getting some VO2max and 1 min power merged into same.
3 sets of 6 x 1 min On 1 min Off with 5 minutes in between sets

First of all, your 60sec power isn’t THAT bad. Secondly, like I say the 1min power you can produce fresh in a big one-off effort is kind of beside the point. What’s the 1min power you can do at the end of a race with 5 laps and 2 steep hills each lap?

Secondly, I think it’s a mistake to automatically match “length of effort I need to do in a race” with “length of intervals I need to do”. For example, the Sustained Power Build plan is recommended for people who might be doing long steady power events like a 40k TT, but has intervals at 90sec, 3min, 8min, all sorts.

So I wouldn’t assume that looking for 1-minute max intervals in the workout library is going to give you the adaptations you need to consistently produce high 1min power throughout a race.

It sounds like you’ve got a good base, so if I were you I would stick to a balanced plan like Short Power Build. Those short-short intervals combined with longer endurance intervals on Sundays will probably work as, if not more effectively, than any 1min intervals will.

For what it’s worth I agree with @martinheadon here, and I’d add one more point: for really short efforts (e.g. 60s or less), neuromuscular speed can be a limiting factor as much as power/strength. To Martin’s point, for race-specific stuff the repeatability of surge efforts will likely be more beneficial than a high personal best 1-min power. Short Power Build is probably a good place to start, and I’d add some ultra high cadence work in where you can - building that neuromuscular speed will help you produce higher power for short bursts, and will also help hone your acceleration, which will help with racing, big time. Doing spin-up drills with very low resistance (almost none), but trying to increase cadence from 0-160+ as fast as you can will help you train this.


I’ve had good results running the short power build program and also using the SIT/HIT workouts.

My short power had diminished from years of TT focus. An 8-12 week block worked wonders.

Your profile is decent though so may not need the work you think it does!

Give it a go and find out.



Thanks for good input guys. Yep my 1 min w/kg is quite good. Even on trainer, I even believe i can push it 0.5W/kg when i get outdoors.
When reviewing my last year the start of the races are toughest for me and having bigger 1 min power would help here since im on the lighter side. Repeatability is good and have always been good and has had a bigger focus. Im just looking for where i can get the biggest gains.

Will be dropping what i call max power workouts for now and see how my profile shifts when i get outdoors and have more Z5,Z6 and even some Z7 watts this year compared to the rest.

I’m aware that I’m starting to come across like Podcast Hype Guy in this thread… but you might be interested in the discussion from episode 249 where they talk about the different strategies for heavier and lighter riders on 1-minute rolling climbs.

Hi @Mts

If that’s the Coggan chart and it’s based on which ever discipline is best at that interval length, so road cyclists would expect to be lower on the one minute (as best is track cyclists).

See this cycling analyics article. It has the chart with road cyclists power mapped on to it https://www.cyclinganalytics.com/blog/2018/06/how-does-your-cycling-power-output-compare