Next year goals

I have been planning this for a little while now. I’m looking to incorporate some strength training And running into my routine… I have heard on the podcast about strength training on off days but what about running. I hate running however I’m willing to add some of that into my routine. I went with low TSS and Low Volume so I had the flexibility of working on strength building and technical trail riding all while building on TR.

Currently my schedule look like this:

MON- TR Work out
TUE- upper body/Core work out
WED- TR Work out
THURS- Freeride all reds/blacks XC Ride Can be sub out.
FRI- TR Work out
SAT-leg day/running
Sunday-active recovery or rest day XC Ride

Trying to keep things even out. Looking to work my schedule so I can ride the trails two days a week but from listening to the podcast I don’t think mixing a leg day and riding is a good idea. Is running prior or after a TR sesh a good idea? Is there any better suggestions on how I can achieve strength work outs… as of the first of the year I will be starting build

My Thursday can be sub out for another day or moved around depends on many factors one being weather and the other is home life. It’s easier for me to ride on the weekends but Thursday is when my bike shop and all my race teams shows up for a red and black night ride

Looking to the wise to offer suggestion to optimize this schedule.
Thank you