Best crit workouts?

Best workouts for crit racing ?

Sweet Spot Base -> Short Power Build -> Criterium Specialization

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Sharktooth looks like a killer workout! :grin: :+1:

The “bridge to the break” is a real point of discomfort and the breaking point for many when you look through prior rides. The online cues are nice in this workout too, taking you through the progression of the “race”.


Good Lord! What is this? Looks like one hell of a workout :dizzy_face:

The TR catalog for crit workouts are good, but you gotta get that short power up first. I did sustained and then back to short power, and it’s a journey. My repeatability needs a bit of fine tuning.

Looks like a crit! :slight_smile:

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Tour de Nez

That was a doozy of a workout when I did it about a year ago. That still gives me nightmares.

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That’s discouraging coming from you, I’ve seen you race (and once tried to—unsuccessfully—hang in a break with you)!

Also forgot to mention if you can get outside and have a loop with minimal traffic where you can mimic a crit lap, I always felt that has helped me the most.

I would also throw Nevada City Classic into the mix.


I did the workout in place of a rained out Waterford Spring race… Here’s the file.


I remember that one. I didn’t get the message that it was cancelled and drove up from A2. Did get a banana and a muffin out of it, though.

For S+Gs I tried Sharktooth on Friday. Absolutely could not finish it.
That’s one way to identify a weakness for sure.


While I was at it, I made a “crit” based on the power files from an early season (Feb) crit I did last year.

Accidentally hit a 30min power PR. It’s cool but definitely not a goal and not something I’m striving to do. I’d rather be slow for the next few months and fast for BWR + DK than the other way around.

Just needed to mix things up out of boredom.


Hi ,

first post here, would you recommend ERG mode or Virtual Power for this workout (Sharktooth) on a smart trainer ?


I’ve only done it in ERG mode so can’t comment on which way is better.

Tour de Nez +2 is perfect prep for superweek and Tulsa. The length is perfect for a P1/2 crit and allows you to hone is nutrition and stuff like that if needed.