60 minute crit - resembles what TR workout most?

In preparation of my 2021 trainingplan for CX…

which TR workout would compare the most to a 60 minute crit race?

Trying to figure out my trainingplan and if a crit compares most a 4x4, 4x8, 4x16 or 30/15 workout.
For example, nevada city classic TR workout

Nevada City Classic by the looks of it. If you use the search function within workouts and just search “crit” there are a few more.


Thanks, looks like a brutal one

np! They all look brutal!! ha

If you search the workout database using the word “crit” you’ll also find Sharktooth, Tour De Nez and z - 8DC Stage 8 2015.

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Tour De Nez is what I use. Its more “sharp” than Nevada City classic and REALLY replicates the big surges well.

I also find 8DC Stage 8 2015 is a good one. Depending on where you live and the type of crit racing its got the super intense start, slight lull in the middle, super intense finish feel to it.

ha looks like we both enjoy chewing on our stem.

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LOL… I haven’t tried that one yet… I was just curious to see what these crit workouts may look like.

I’ll have to give it a shot on a weekend when it’s too ugly to get in a weekend ride.

I did it as part of “race prep” when we had gaps in calendar. I can tell you that the 8 or 9min or whatever it is in the middle, which it looks restful is ANYTHING but. It’s basically doing sweet spot after jacking your heart rate through the roof prior. And just as it starts to come down you get into the final section of the “race” that just. does. not. let. up.

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I’d recommend Barren or Blue.

The hard start at the beginning should see you right for a mass start crit.

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